Andrea Truini

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Current Appointment: Professor of Neurology, neuromuscular disease unit and neuropathic pain outpatient service at the Department of Human Neuroscience, Sapienza University, Rome

Scientific collaborations, national and international society appointments                            

2008-2014 Chair of the Special Interest Group for Neuropathic Pain of the Italian Neurological Society
2014-2016 Councillor of the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
2014-2018 Councillor of the Italian Chapter of IASP
2014 Award from the Italian Neurological Society for the best Italian publication in 2013-2014 in Neuromuscular diseases (Reappraising neuropathic pain in humans–how symptoms help disclose mechanisms. Truini A, et al. Nat Rev Neurol. 2013;9:572-82)
2015 Award from the European Pain Federation (EGG grant). Breaking dogmas: a neurophysiological and neuroimaging study showing that non-nociceptive A-beta fibres mediate paroxysmal pain in healthy humans.
2016 Member of the Task force of the European Academy of Neurology for the guidelines on neurostimulation techniques for chronic pain (Cruccu et al., EAN guidelines on central neurostimulation therapy in chronic pain conditions. Eur J Neurol. 2016 Oct;23(10):1489-99).
2018-ongoing Chair of Diagnostic Test committee of the Neuropathic Pain Special Interest Group of the International Association for the Study of Pain
2019 Chair of the task force of the Italian Neurological Society for the definition of Pharmacoresistant Pain. Related publication: Ciaramitaro et al., A Delphi consensus statement of the Neuropathic Pain Special Interest Group of the Italian Neurological Society on pharmacoresistant neuropathic pain. Neurol Sci. 2019 Jul;40(7):1425-1431.
2019-ongoing Chair of the task force of joint EAN-EFIC-NeuPSIG guidelines on neuropathic pain assessment.
2020-ongoing Co-chair of the Scientific Panel on Pain of the European Academy of Neurology
2020-ongoing Member of the VoT chronic pain expert working group (European Brain Council)


Journals’ Editorial Board activity

2016-ongoing Editorial Board of European Journal of Pain (official Journal of the European Pain Federation)
2017-ongoing Associate Editor of Clinical Neurophysiology (official Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology)
2021-ongoing Section Editor Pain Reports, official publication of IASP


Research Activities

Research fields                                                            Brief Description

Pain pathways Develop of new tools for investigating the nociceptive system in humans.
Neuropathic pain Pathophysiology of neuropathic pain in human patients, as assessed with diagnostic tools such as laser evoked potentials, skin biopsy, QST, neuroimaging techniques
Peripheral nervous system diseases Investigation into the mechanisms underlying sensory symptoms and their treatment in the most representative peripheral nervous system diseases
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